Khiladi 786: Asin goes Marathi for Akki

Asin goes Marathi in her upcoming action comedy with Akshay Kumar and Mithun Chakraborthy

The actress, who is currently shooting for Ashish R Mohan's film, plays the character of a typical Marathi mulgi.

She is pulling out all the stops to essay the character to the hilt in Akshay and Himesh Reshammiya's production. As there is an elaborate wedding sequence, Asin has been seen on the sets in a navvari green kashta sari, mundavalya (bridal jewellery), chandrakor (crescent moon) bindi and nathni (nose ring studded with pearls and beads) and green glass bangles. 

Says a unit source, `Though she has played a bride in several of her films, this was a singularly unique experience for her. In her recent flicks Ready and Housefull 2, too, she played a bride but wore the usual lehengas. Dressing up for her Maharashtrian character was something novel for her.`

Adds the source, `Her character of Maya is that of Mithun's sister whose name is quite a mouthful Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar. As it is a comic caper, the typical Marathi lingo has also been incorporated.

Asin being from the South, the Marathi language and customs are alien to her. So she is picking up the nuances of the language from her co-stars who are familiar with the language as well as unit hands.` Perhaps Asin can also take tips from her Ghajini co-star Aamir Khan, who even had a Marathi tutor!