USC Rooftop Sex Scandal Photos Of Kappa Sigma Fraternity Member Having Relations With Female On Campus Building


A USC Kappa Sigma member and a female from another Los Angeles school were photographed having sex on top a USC campus academic building last week. The USC rooftop sex photos show the fraternity member and a female who insists on keeping her shirt on to preserve a sense of decorum. Students at USC uploaded the photos to a private password-protected album to share among themselves but someone posted the pictures to a public album. From there the photos went viral... The public album with censored photos, posted Saturday night by an anonymous leaker, has received over 400,000 hits already, and led to the Kappa Sigma frat brother's suspension from the fraternity. But while the pictures have become the biggest news story to hit Los Angeles college campuses this year, the photographer says he never released the pictures to the public.

In fact, the photographer tells news that, if he had the opportunity again, he would not have taken the pictures in the first place. "There was a girl on our floor that, um, apparently she been on higher floors and her friends had told her about it" he explains to reporters this week. "So she came down [to our floor]. She knocked on our doors. We all ran across the hall." The photographer said that "there was 10-15 of us [watching it live] … a little of shocked …we thought it was funny …" But he pulled out his DSLR camera to document the incident with pictures for other people on the floor that missed the couple.

The photographer, who has refused to be identified, took the nearly two dozen pictures and put them on a private, password protected account on Photobucket "I put them on photobucket, it was meant for the people of our floor … I originally put them private." But by Saturday, the pictures were all over the internet, added to Twitter and Facebook accounts. "Somehow, someone from our floor shared the pictures with someone else. Those pictures got downloaded, put on a different website, and they were sent out to anyone without a password."

Now the photographer feels guilt about taking the pictures. He tells reporters that the couple “had [... some] right of privacy …they were in public .. but they still deserved some privacy. They were 18 … they were in public." The photographer says he didn’t share the pictures with anyone beyond his floor. "It was not my intention for the pictures to go viral…. I didn't realize how someone that leaks to the internet it gets so explosive. I didn’t realized that at the time. I wouldn’t do it again. It was unbelievable. My roommates and I were shocked about it."

A top official at the board for fraternities at USC expressed outrage over photos posted online that showed two people having sex on the roof of the school's Waite Phillips Hall. The photos of the male and female went viral after they were posted Saturday night, according to a report in the Daily Trojan, which broke the story. On Monday night, the paper quoted USC Interfraternity Council President Pat Lauer as saying the group was "appalled by the actions associated with the individuals in the pictures, and will work tirelessly to reverse the negative stereotypes such an action has perpetuated." Kappa Sigma campus president Zach Timm told the USC Daily Trojan:
While the actions that were taken did involve a member of our chapter we, in no way, support this kind of behavior, nor do we promote any other such actions. The member in question has been suspended from Kappa Sigma for conduct unbecoming of a Kappa Sigma and a gentleman until a more detailed investigation can be conducted.

The only thing unbecoming about this whole incident is that anyone is surprised. It is college. You don't have to promote sex. It is going to happen in the dorm rooms, in the parks, in the backseats of a cars, on top of a buildings. Cannot stop the inevitable. And what is this about "conduct unbecoming to a gentleman". He is obviously taken time out of his day to give her what she wanted. I would say he is being pretty gentlemanly. Leave it to the Trojans to to top the Asians in the Library scandal at UCLA. USC brings you naked students having sex on the roof. Denzil J. Suite, USC's associate vice president for student affairs, says he can't say if disciplinary action is pending because that would be a private matter. But he did say this:
Only one of the individuals on the roof was a student at USC. Unauthorized access to rooftops is a violation of university policies and we will be following up ...

What is depicted in the photos is a violation of our code of conduct and of our most basic community standards. To say that we are disappointed in this type of behavior does not begin to capture the seriousness with which we regard this type of activity.

Damn, I hope the pussy was worth it because the dude is in so much trouble... But on the bright side the best joke ever as resulted from this incident. If you know about this story then you are probably tired of hearing the joke by now but that is not going to stop me from telling it again... Lets hope that Trojan was wearing a Trojan! Click on pictures to enlarge.



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