Vikram Bhatt: RAAZ 3 about fame, jealousy and politics of Bollywood

Exactly a decade after RAAZ [2002], Vikram Bhatt, Bipasha Basu, Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt would be returning with third in the series RAAZ 3. Though it was Mohit Suri who had directed RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES in the interim with Kangana Ranaut, the original team is now aiming at driving a chill down the audience spine with RAAZ 3.

"The thing is that emotional scenarios are completely different between the two films. RAAZ was about marriage and a wife fighting for her husband's life. RAAZ 3 is about fame, jealousy and the politics of Bollywood. Yes, what RAAZ franchise stands for is good music, horror element, human drama and certain amount of sexuality as well. RAAZ 3 does have all of that and more," says Vikram.

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While the filmmaker is promising that there would be chills and thrills galore with RAAZ 3, he doesn't want the film to be compared with the first in the series.

"Of course, just like the earlier installments, RAAZ 3 pushes the envelope as well. However there isn't anything similar from the overall treatment of effect perspective so it would be unfair to compare it with any of the two films," states Vikram.

The film releases all over on 7th September.